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Sergey Demchenko

“Don't be afraid to dream, be persistent and act confidently, and even the most fantastic dreams will come true”.

Serhii is the founder, leader and ideological leader of the “PRO100” design and construction company.

It is thanks to the development of his own and individual approach in the construction and design, Serhii received numerous awards and prizes. As a certified design engineer, he is involved in design, personally involved in the development of the landscape design and exterior projects. Serhii has 20 years of experience in the construction industry and has gone from a junior specialist to a company owner.

Serhii travels a lot and learns from his European colleagues.

He is fond of the works of the Danish and Finnish architects.

In his free time he enjoys fishing and seasonal mushroom hunting.

Tatyana Demchenko

“Nothing is impossible if you want it”.

She has a master's degree in law and psychology. She has been working in the legal field in the various fields for almost 15 years.

Tatyana is a co-founder and administrative director of the “PRO100” company, and manages the company's financial and legal departments.

She is personally engaged in the investor consultations and development of the financial investment mechanisms, legal analysis of the possibility of the project realization in Ukraine. The separate vectors of Tatyana’s activity are the charitable projects.

Tatyana is constantly working on the development of all internal processes in the company. She is sincerely happy every time a design or construction project is implemented.

Tatyana enjoys traveling around the world and caring for the flowers.

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