“It is important to create something new, because architecture is the face of the current generation, a symbol of the present moment. It is the buildings that create the chronicle of time, through them we learn about the history of the people, their way of life and customs.”

(Zaha Hadid)

The “PRO100” company offers a modern and qualitative design of your facilities as has own architectural bureau.

A cooperation with us is always the success and prosperity of our customers.

Our ideas and the concept itself are the modernity of the views that correspond to the current trends in both architecture and construction.

We think ambitious, create aesthetically attractive design shape and maximally functional facilities:

  • Production;
  • Commercial;
  • Administrative;
  • Office;
  • Shopping centers, supermarkets, shops;
  • Gas station, car wash, service station;
  • Warehouses;
  • Agricultural;
  • Educational and health care institutions;
  • Residential.
Our advantages:

Carrying out the preliminary calculations to obtain the technical conditions, determine the class of the consequences, and study the economic component of connection to the engineering networks.


Development of the several options for the pre-project proposals.


Economics of the project. When designing, we calculate the cost of using certain materials to choose the most cost-effective option without losing a quality.


We always assess all risks that may arise during the design and construction phase and report them to the Customer.


We carry out author's and technical supervision.


If necessary, we undertake the coordination and approval of the project documentation in the relevant bodies / authorities.


We perform the functions of the Customer's service. If you want to realize your project, but you do not have the appropriate specialists in the staff, we can take on this function.


We develop the design of the interior of the facility and landscape design.

Cooperation with our company

Coperation with a company that can design and build a facility, carefully monitoring the stages of each of the processes — is saving the Customer's time. During realization of the project, as a rule, there is a need to change something during construction. But when the construction process has already begun, the Investor needs to reduce the time for the changes, so the combination of the designer and general contractor in one company is a more flexible and convenient model of the cooperation.

The rational approach of our project group will allow us to identify usable space, save on the materials used, and provide author's supervision over the progress of the construction, which, as practice and experience show, will help to avoid the additional works and unforeseen costs.

Cooperation with the “PRO100” company is profitable:

  • Your facilities are in the hands of the qualified professionals.
  • High-quality design with great attention to the details.
  • Consolidation and coordination of the actions between the company's services and other contractors involved in the Customer.

Thanks to the joint efforts of the professionals, we make a quality project and bring it to a logical conclusion.
We recreate ideas that become reality, integrate the dream into the material plane, which benefits others and changes lives for the better. And the constant interest in their work, search and desire to bring something new, gives impetus to the further development and the opportunity to add modernity, aesthetics and harmony, which are the basis of all arts and are the basis of our projects.

Art and design experience at all stages, from sketch to working documentation, multiplied by the talent and modern fresh look of the “PRO100” architects and engineers, will help make your project the best.

Starting cooperation with the customer, we clearly understand why this project is created, what is its purpose and objectives. This greatly affects the very approach to the implementation of the idea.
The “PRO100” company, which has the entire necessary modern technological base, guarantees the success of your plan. The qualified performers will take a part in its implementation on behalf of all members of the “PRO100” team without exception.
The system of the effective control at all stages of the works prevents undesirable consequences.

A quality is first of all, we are convinced of it. Therefore, we confidently guarantee you not just a successful, but a project that will be a step forward for you and make your dream a reality.

A successful project is “PRO100”!

The complex ideas are realized by “PRO100”!
Construction of the catering establishment
Construction of the catering establishment
Construction of the catering establishment
At Sadova Street, City of Kyiv
Construction of the office center
In the Shchaslyve Village, Boryspil District, Kyiv Region
Construction of a complex of the road service facilities
Construction of the catering establishment
At Zavokzalna Street, City of Boryspil, Boryspil District, Kyiv Region
Construction of the food industry enterprise
Construction of the catering establishment
In the City of Zhytomyr, Zhytomyr Region
Reconstruction of the catering establishment
Construction of the catering establishment
Store construction project
Restaurant construction project
Office construction project
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