About our company

“Experience is a reliable lamp on the road”. (Johann Wolfgang von Goethe)

Our mission: everything we create benefits society.

Our company is a team of the professionals who have an extensive experience in implementing investment projects of the varying complexity, work in the field of the construction and design.

We are a team that performs its tasks at a high professional level.

We believe in our work that only a comprehensive approach and highly qualified specialists can succeed.

“PRO100” is a responsibility

We take a responsible approach to the tasks set before us. We consider carefully and economically substantiate all our design solutions; we closely monitor the technology compliance and standards in the construction.

“PRO100” is an attention to the customer

Investor's interests are the main thing for us!

We carefully study the needs of our customers and offer the best options for the construction projects, taking into account the capabilities and wishes of our customers.

“PRO100” is a respect

We appreciate and respect each of our customers and our team members. We follow the agreements and communicate openly with everyone.

“PRO100” is an innovation

The modern world trends require the introduction and application of the new technologies, new programs and methods in the design and use of the modern materials in construction. And the “PRO100” company has chosen this path.

“PRO100” is a professionalism

Our company is a team of the purposeful professionals. The level of the knowledge and unique experience of our specialists allow us to make the right solutions quickly. The facilities we design and build are reliable, durable and always profitable.

“PRO100” is our employees

Our employees are the heart of the company. We take care of everyone. A focus on the results, initiative and the desire to improve - this is what we value and develop in our team. “PRO100” is a team that has an ambitious goal: to be the best in everything we do.

This applies not only to the projects we develop for our customers, but also to our internal processes. The desire to take a leading position in a competitive environment encompasses all employees of the “PRO100” company, regardless of the division in which they work. Our specialists are highly organized specialists who fully understand the importance of each project, so they always make every effort to achieve this goal, working with passion and enthusiasm.

Our corporate culture and vision, mission and values ​​unite all employees at all levels of interaction and set standards for the company's operations.
The “PRO100” company grows and develops, discovering new opportunities, thanks to the team, thanking everyone for their professionalism and dedication.
“PRO100” is successful — because strong, strong — because together!

We offer:
The design and construction company “PRO100” specializes in the design and construction of the buildings and structures:
05Shopping centers, supermarkets, shops
06Gas station, car wash, service station
09Educational and health care institutions

Our work is a profitable solution for the Investor, combining convenience and safety of operation. Of course, the team of “PRO100” specialists understands the great importance of the individuality of each project and will always emphasize your idea with a modern and stylish design that will distinguish your project from others.

Our advantages:

Design development documentation is performed by our own design bureau, which employs the best design engineers and architects. We take the responsibility of the general designer and are responsible for the quality of all sections of the project.


Our company has all the necessary permits and licenses for the design and construction works, certificates of the responsible contractors, State Standard of Ukraine - ISO 9001:2015 HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point).


Construction is performed by an experienced and professional team of the engineers and highly qualified staff, which allows us to be general contractor.

We have our own material and technical base to perform the entire complex of the construction works, from the installation construction fence on the construction site to the final construction completion and provision cleaning services.

We have a modern fleet of the construction equipment with 20 units of the world's best manufacturers: JCB, Terex, SAT, Bomag, Volvo.


We treat each project as our own. “PRO100” is the only like-minded team, where people are not focused on the process, but on a quality result.

Reliable solutions
from idea to realization
  1. Investment idea
  2. Land plot choise
  3. Pre-design solutions
  4. Land plot fcquisition
  5. Bringing the land plot purpose in accordance with buildings intentions
  6. The initial data collection
  7. Design
  8. Project examination
  9. Obtaining permits
  10. Preparatory works
  11. Construction
  12. Launch the facility

How to order a project from us

All you need to do is contact us using the feedback form, call or email. In the address represent the vision, ideas; describe the characteristics of the future facility which you would like to realize.

We will definitely discuss with you the technology of construction of the facility, the reality of its implementation, and we will prepare the pre-project proposals and select the best materials for it.

If you have a developed project and you are only interested in the construction phase, you can send it to us to calculate the cost.

It doesn't matter to us: you want to build a private house for yourself, a catering establishment, a warehouse or an industrial enterprise.

The “PRO100” company is always ready to consider any of your ideas and offer options for realization.

Order a project
Державна архітектурно-будівельна інспеція України
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Перелік видів робіт із провадження господарської діяльності з будівництва об'єктів від 23.10.19 р.
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Перелік видів робіт із провадження господарської діяльності з будівництва об'єктів
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Головне управління держпраці у Київській області. Дозвіл №962.20.32
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Головне управління держпраці у Київській області. Дозвіл №1208.20.32
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Головне управління держпраці у Київській області. Дозвіл №1809.18.32
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Головне управління держпраці у Київській області. Дозвіл №1808.18.32
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Сертифікат на систему менеджменту якості ДСТУ ISO 9001:2015
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Сертифікат асоціації з інтеграції стандартів HACCP
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Сертифікат КБУ
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Грамота Гатненської сільської ради Києво-Святошинського району Київської області
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Подяка Гатненської сільської ради Києво-Святошинського району Київської області
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Подяка Київського міського голови
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Лист-подяка від Антона Дрепіна КМДА
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Почесна грамота Київської міської державної адміністрації
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КМР Дренін рекоменд лист
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КМР Михайленко реком лист
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КМР Михайленко реком лист2
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Подяка Лютізької сільської ради
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Подяка міського голови міста Бориспіль
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Рекомендаційний лист Гатненської сільської ради Києво-святошинського району Київської області
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Почесна грамота директора Фонду комунального майна Вишгородського району
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Почесна грамота Хотенівської сільської ради Вишгородського району
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Our machinery
CB JS220
Hamm 3307 HT
Hamm 3307 HT
30t DAF
30t DAF
terex tl70
Volkswagen Crafter
CAT 428F
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