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Full cycle of works From idea to realization
Full cycle of the works
Full cycle of the works
  1. Investment idea
  2. Choice of the land plot
  3. Pre-design solutions
  4. Acquisition of the land plot
  5. Bringing the purpose of the land plot in accordance with the intentions of the buildings
  6. Collection of the initial data
  7. Design
  8. Examination of the project
  9. Obtaining permits
  10. Preparatory works
  11. Construction
  12. Launch the facility
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Our services The “PRO100” company is a leader
of the complex solutions!
Architectural office The “PRO100” company offers a high-quality modern architectural design of your facilities.
More about the bureau
More about the bureau

The “PRO100” company offers a modern and qualitative design of your facilities as has own architectural bureau.
We think ambitious, create aesthetically attractive in shape and maximally functional facilities:

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