Social responsibility
Environmental protection. Ecological materials

Our company cares about both its customers and the environment in which the future project will be integrated. We pay a great attention to the aspects by which the harmfulness of the engineering systems, construction and finishing materials is assessed.

We study and take into account the impact of the materials on human health and the environment, evaluate the full range of the characteristics that determine the level of toxicity of the materials.

“PRO100” is an active participant in the various social projects and promotes the introduction of the “green technologies” and reuse of the resources. Each project offers the engineering solutions using alternative energy sources, accumulation and use of the rainwater for further use.

Of the HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point)

The HACCP system is an effective management tool used to protect the enterprise (trademark) in promoting of the food products and to protect the production processes from biological (microbiological), chemical, physical and other risks of the contamination.

The design and construction company “PRO100” has a certificate of the “Association for HACCP integration”, and is currently a member of the association.
We have experience in applying the principles of the HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point) in design, because we have designed more than one object of the food industry and restaurant industry.

The “PRO100” company has the right to use the HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point) logo.
Already at the design stage, we take into account all the rules relating to the safe handling of the food, which automatically gives the Investor the opportunity to enter international markets and get a modern food business.

In our work we always rely on the principles of security in all areas of the activity and at all stages.

Labour protection. Construction safety control

The employees are a great value for the “PRO100” company. That is why we pay great attention to the safety of the construction process and carefully monitor it.

The most important thing for us is the safety and protection of the workers who perform the works on the construction site, as well as persons who may be on the construction site.

The “PRO100” company has established and operates a labor protection service, which constantly conducts training and retraining of the workers, monitors the implementation of the labor protection measures. The service assesses the technical condition of the production equipment and facilities, as well as certification of the workplaces for compliance with the regulations on labor protection.
When designing the production facilities, the“PRO100” company develops and takes into account the individual labor protection measures.

Labour protection is the key to health and life.


A charity is a pleasure and an honor the company's founders are convinced of.

Not in words, but in deeds “PRO100” allocates a part of its income to charity, because we consider the social component necessary in conducting modern business.

We actively promote the various charitable events involving the children and people in need.

The “PRO100” company assists with the purchase of the equipment, medicines and the repair and renovation of the buildings. Therefore, we can proudly say that “PRO100” is the part of business that takes an active part in solving the country's social problems.

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