Reliable solutions from idea to realization

“Most of all I like to be reliable — it`s the purest pleasure!” E.L. Doctorow

If you are not yet our customer and are in the process of finding a contractor, our highly qualified specialists are ready to pay attention to you. We will provide free answers to any questions and help to more clearly define the goals and objectives to be solved by your project. We invite you to delicious coffee and pleasant communication.

The success of the project is reliability at every stage. A reliability of the cooperation is a guarantee and confidence that the project will not only be started, but also successfully completed.

We are interested in the full cycle of the works for our Investor, and not only in individual stages.

We think ambitious.

Thanks to the cooperation with the “PRO100” company, the Investor gets a responsible partner and saves money, because everything is done by one company.

Many of our customers remain our friends forever.

A reliable partner is the key to your success.

And reliability is “PRO100”!

from idea to realization
Investment idea;
Choice of the land plot;
Pre-design solutions;
Acquisition of the land plot;
Bringing the purpose of the land plot in accordance with the intentions of the buildings;
Collection of the initial data;
Examination of the project;
Obtaining permits;
Preparatory works;
Launch the facility.
Construction of the catering establishment
Construction of the catering establishment
Construction of the catering establishment
At Sadova Street, City of Kyiv
Construction of the office center
In the Shchaslyve Village, Boryspil District, Kyiv Region
Construction of a complex of the road service facilities
Construction of the catering establishment
At Zavokzalna Street, City of Boryspil, Boryspil District, Kyiv Region
Construction of the food industry enterprise
Construction of the catering establishment
In the City of Zhytomyr, Zhytomyr Region
Reconstruction of the catering establishment
Construction of the catering establishment
Store construction project
Restaurant construction project
Office construction project
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